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Meet Jak D Yak!

He’s a cool dude with handlebar horns who comes from the snowy, rugged terrain of Mt Everest! Did you know yaks can climb as high as 6,100m? That makes them the mammals that can live at the highest altitudes in the world!

Jak D Yak was a superstar in Nepal! He won a big competition, kind of like Nepalese Idol or Nepal’s Got Talent. It was called The Yak’s Factor. Yaks came from thousands of kilometres around to compete, to show who was the kindest, funniest, happiest yak in all of Nepal.

The Yak’s Factor CHAMPION competition criteria:

C:  Compassionate and Courageous
H:  Happy and Honest
A:  Adventurous and Adaptable
M:  Modest and Mature
P:  Philanthropic and Peaceful
I:  Inspirational and Intelligent
O:  Optimistic and Obedient
N:  Natural and Nepali by heart

After many rounds of competition, the overwhelming CHAMPION was one Mr Jak D Yak. Today, Jak is living The Yak’s Factor dream, being a super cool role model to thousands of Aussie kids.

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